2018 Velocity Executive Summits

Educational Seminars for Bank and Credit Union Executives

Our changing consumer, regulatory and political environments continue to present new challenges to community banks and credit unions. Financial institution executives must ensure they are meeting all compliance requirements, while continually providing the best service to their account holders and never taking their eye off the bottom line – and don’t forget about the challenges of competing with megabanks that are more successfully harnessing the power of Big Data. The Velocity Executive Summits are designed to help bank and credit union executives meet and exceed the expectations of consumers, regulators and boards of directors.

Velocity’s Executive Summits continue to be some of the most popular events in the industry, hitting record attendance. Our presenters are seasoned and knowledgeable, and cover such essential topics as monetizing and identifying revenue opportunities in your data, overdraft management, regulatory updates, account acquisition, boosting transactional activity and efficient small-dollar lending.

***Executive Summits are Complimentary for Qualified Attendees***