2019 Velocity Executive Summits

Educational Seminars for Bank and Credit Union Executives

Digital solutions. Big Data. Technology. Automation. Machine-led intelligence. There’s no question about it: data and digitization are transforming banking. How will you harness the power of these elements to move your financial institution into the next phase of the digital revolution?

As a financial institution executive, you’re likely focusing on continuous improvement of your account acquisition and retention efforts, fee income management (including overdraft), new revenue-driving products and digital lending platforms to better serve your account holders and build your business, all while keeping a close eye on developing regulatory changes. By leveraging targeted technology, connected platforms and Big Data, you’ll streamline your operations, obtain actionable business insights and better understand the needs of your account holders.

The Velocity Executive Summits are designed to help bank and credit union executives keep pace with our changing landscape, so you can exceed the expectations of your account holders, borrowers, regulators and boards of directors. Our presenters are foremost industry experts, having years of experience working closely with banks and credit unions of all sizes across the country. Velocity Solutions is a data-driven, technology-forward firm that is dedicated to continuous enhancements of our solutions and the ability to swiftly adapt to a changing industry. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and insights with you to help grow your financial institution in the quickening digital landscape.

***Executive Summits are Complimentary for Qualified Attendees***