2020 Velocity Executive Summits

A Clear Vision for Banking & CU Success in 2020

We all know that hindsight is 20/20, but what if you could have 20/20 foresight into the challenges and opportunities awaiting your bank or credit union in the coming year?  What is the best way for you to harness emerging technologies, digitize your operations, leverage big data and maintain compliance—all while providing superior service to your account holders? With the right team of subject matter experts, analytical insights and an informed view into banking trends, we believe you can have a clear vision for success in 2020!

Velocity’s team is immersed in the banking, credit union and regulatory landscapes.  Our executives, data analysts, client service managers, trainers and account representatives regularly visit financial institutions across the country and have in-depth conversations with everybody from the C-levels to the operations team to the front line.  We also speak directly to key players from various regulatory agencies governing both community banks and credit unions.  So, we know what challenges your financial institution is facing in 2020, we’re keenly aware of the many opportunities for you to leverage data and digitization, and we’re well-versed in the developing regulations that will impact your bank or credit union in the year ahead.

And we want to share it all with you at any of our six Executive Summits in 2020! Our Summits are designed for the busy schedule of a financial institution executive, conveniently located in easily accessible hubs across the country, and deliver an astonishing amount of strategic and actionable information into less than a day! And the best part – they are 100% complimentary to qualified bank and credit union executives.  We cover the cost of your airfare, hotel accommodations and meals.

Don’t miss the chance to sharpen your foresight for a successful 2020!